Math Games Bundle: Addition & Subtraction


This 212-page bundle contains everything you need in order to become impossibly rich, skinny and gorgeous. Totally kidding! It does, however, contain over 30 (because a few of the products contain multiple games) amazing math games designed to eliminate the math doldrums and constant nagging. And that’s just about the same thing, right?

In all seriousness, math games are the solution for kids (and moms!) who dread math as well as for those who love it.  What better way to increase number sense than through games? The games will be delivered in 15 different pdf files to make them easier to navigate and use.



Do you have a child who dreads math? This math games bundle is sure to please even the pickiest palate.

  1. Color by Number Circus
  2. Color by Number Dinosaurs
  3. Color by Number Sweets
  4. Color by Number Monsters
  5. Clip It! Flip It! 
  6. Mental Math Showdown
  7. Tens Partners Games 
  8. Menu Math (The first half of this game is strictly addition/subtraction, the second half includes multiplication)
  9. Faxx (Includes limited multiplication and division, but the game can be played without them)
  10. Potato Parts
  11. Sundaze Ice Cream Truck
  12. Fact Family Flash Cards
  13. Connect Four Addition & Subtraction
  14. More or Less Fun Mental Math Game



If you were to buy all of these math games separately, you’d pay over $50. This gigantic bundle is a great deal! Since you no longer have to nag little Johnny to complete his math, you can focus all of your attention on his slovenly bedroom. Lucky you!


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