Mental Math Showdown


This 75-page file contains 15 strategies, with a poster to explain each strategy and games to implement and practice each strategy.

Did you know that lack of confidence is the number one reason behind a dislike of math? The opposite is also true. Kids who like math feel confident in their abilities. Mental math games are the perfect way to build number sense, which boosts mathematical confidence.

Students will be most successful at math (and enjoy it best) when they can produce accurate answers efficiently. That’s what these math games are all about — developing flexible, efficient, effective and accurate methods for fluent mental computation. It goes way beyond simple fact fluency, (even though that is an admirable goal) to building real number sense, or familiarity with numbers sufficient to be able to manipulate them to perform calculations. These simple addition and subtraction strategies will build mental math fluency in your child, which will boost his mathematical confidence.

*Product is a pdf file. No physical product will be shipped.



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