Ice Cream Truck Addition & Subtraction

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This 20-page printable file contains full-color menus (to make the activity appealing to your children) on two different levels (one with easier pricing and one with lots of 9’s to encourage regrouping practice). It also contains 6 pages of printable props and money to increase the fun factor, if you wish. The games can be played without the props, if you prefer.

Your child will practice adding three and four digit numbers with decimals, subtracting three and four digit numbers with decimals, mental math story problems and more, all in preparation for opening up their own ice cream truck business. Once open, the game begins with your child taking real-life orders from friends and family, adding up the costs and figuring out the change.

It can be played by one child or multiple children at a time. All you need to play this game are the included printables and writing implements.

The printable includes two different menus to differentiate the level of difficulty. The Level A menu uses nice, friendly, round numbers for simple decimal addition and the Level B menu uses lots of nines for plenty of regrouping practice. Both levels include real-world application, story problems, mental math practice, fact drill and simple ways to differentiate the difficulty of play.


*You will receive a file to download and print. No physical product will be shipped.


1 review for Ice Cream Truck Addition & Subtraction

  1. Judith

    Wonderful product! It’s so much fun, my kids don’t even notice they are doing math and ask me to make copies so they can do it again! So fun! Thank you for a great product!

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