Place Value Games Bundle


This 50-page printable includes two Place Value charts (a flip chart and a flat chart) and 11 games that should help your child thoroughly understand the concept of Place Value.



A great strategy for reinforcing math concepts is to start each day with a fun math game. Math games familiarize your kids with math lingo because they teach in a different way than textbooks, plus they reinforce a daily habit of learning and they drill math concepts in a fun way that disguises the fact that it’s drill.

Place value is essentially the numerical value a digit has by virtue of its position in a number. It’s a simple but profound concept. As simple as it is, it can be a very challenging concept for little people to grasp. These games (and the included place value charts in two styles — a flip chart and flat) will help!

This 50-page bundle of Place Value Games includes the following games:

  1. Place Value Challenge
  2. Place Value Riddles
  3. Place Value Mazes
  4. Place Value Puzzles
  5. Place Value Mystery
  6. BINGO (in expanded form and standard form)
  7. Place Value Scavenger Hunt
  8. Place Value Comparison
  9. Place Value War
  10. Roll-A-Place Value
  11. Place Value Earthquake

The bundle also includes helpful instructions and tips for teaching place value. If you purchased each of these games and the place value charts separately, you’d spend over $26, so this bundle is an excellent value!

All you need to play these games are the included printables, dice (I prefer 10-sided dice), counters for the BINGO games, and an optional shaker (I use a 7-day pill organizer, labeled with place values). After using the included Place Value charts and playing each of these games two or three times, your child should thoroughly understand the concept of Place Value.

You will receive a downloadable pdf file. Nothing will be shipped.


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