Gifts for Programmers

Gifts for Programmers

I used to think programmers were a nerdy lot. At college I was in the Mechanical Engineering program and a lot of our courses overlapped, especially the first two years. 

I’m certain it was just my perception, but it seemed like the Computer Science majors spent all of their spare time programming their calculators. I felt like my TI-84 did everything I needed it to, and didn’t see the draw in tweaking algorithms to gain three seconds on the test.

And now (gasp!) I’ve joined the dark side. I’ve gone back to school and will be joining the ranks of Computer Scientists in a few months! I’ve even learned to appreciate runtime complexity, although I still just use my calculator the way it was intended, haha!

As an almost computer scientist/software engineer/programmer I’ve got a pretty good handle on the culture. I can assure you that your programming friends don’t want pocket protectors or slide rules. 

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Here are a few things they would love:


10 Clever Gifts for Programmers


TShirt Gifts for Programmers

Funny Tshirt

Funny Tshirts are always a good choice because programmers completely understand one another’s pain (oh, the excruciating joy of finding a misplaced semi-colon you have spent days searching for) and because they enjoy the inside joke of being the only ones in the room to actually understand the joke. This is one of those gifts programmers will find amusing!



Gifts for Programmers: coffee mug


Funny Coffee Mug

Programmer: an organism which converts caffeine into code. So there you go. Every programmer appreciates a new, exciting coffee mug as a gift with which to produce code.



Gifts for Programmers: Binary WatchBinary Watch

My son has this watch and it is so cool! It tells time in binary so only other programmers can read it. It generates lots of questions from friends (programmers have friends?) so you can show off your bad binary skills. Speaking of friends, how do you tell an introverted computer scientist from an extroverted computer scientist? The extroverted computer scientist looks at your shoes when he talks to you.



Gifts for Programmers; VR headset

VR Headset

What gifts would a techie friend like better than more tech? The answer is nothing. This VR set is what my techie child is begging me for right now! These are such a fun gift for programmers and they’ve really come down in price.



Gifts for Programmers: Computer Hardware


Tools of the Trade (Computer Hardware)

Hardware is the part of a computer you can kick. (Aside from the programmers — please don’t kick the programmers.) A new, ergonomic keyboard, a wireless mouse, a super awesome pair of wireless headphones — any peripheral that makes daily life easier and more enjoyable would be fantastic gifts for programmers.



Gifts for ProgrammersSitting Ball Chair

Programming can be a very sedentary job. Sitting on a ball instead activates back and core support muscles which promotes good posture and can alleviate back pain. It can also increase productivity by keeping the mind more engaged. Better health is one of the best gifts you can give programmers!



Gifts for ProgrammersMessenger Bag

This one is loaded with handy pockets and attractive to boot! It looks like it would cost an arm and a leg, and it’s fantastic quality, but it’s actually pretty inexpensive. It’s lucky you don’t have to tell your programmer friend how much your gift cost! Speaking of cost, what’s the object-oriented way to become wealthy? Inheritance. If you don’t get these jokes, ask your programmer friend for some help.



Gifts for ProgrammersData Scientist TShirt

There are so many funny shirts for programmers out there, I couldn’t stop with just one! This one has more to do with data science, I guess, but the mathematician in me wouldn’t let me skip it! Funny Tshirts make perfect gifts for programmers!



Gifts for Programmers: Standing DeskStanding Desk

This desk is easy to raise and lower to your exact height for standing and sitting, decreasing fatigue and health problems. Combine it with a sitting ball for when you’re sitting and you won’t even have to hit up the gym before work! Just kidding!



Gifts for Programmers


Blue Light Filter Glasses

These glasses provide all-day protection, against the detrimental effect of high energy, visible blue light and UV419. They help your eyes to get less tired over the course of the day so you can get more done and more comfortably.




And there you have it — 9 great gifts for programmers! What? You counted ten? Real programmers count from zero. I guess I’m a real programmer, lol!

Gah! I’ve resorted to Dad jokes. That’s just sad. If you’re looking for more helpful gift guides, be sure to read:

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