Best Gifts for Gardeners

Best Gifts for Gardeners

Gifts for Gardeners

If you have a loved one with a green thumb, chances are she/he would appreciate a thoughtful garden related gift.

Gardeners are always learning. They’re constantly on the prowl for new techniques to improve production, to ripen tomatoes earlier, or to more easily propagate new plants.

They also constantly dream about creating beautiful outdoor spaces, from the hardscaping to the plant arrangement. That’s why a garden related gift will be so meaningful. It will show that you truly understand and value their hobbies.

Your loved one is guaranteed to “dig” the gifts on this list!

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15 of the Very Best Gifts for Gardeners


Best Gardening Gloves Ever!

If you have anger management issues, these gloves could work as therapy. You’ll be able to dig and tear at the soil with the fury of an angry badger! They may also work to scare off intruders or as a Halloween costume.


Gifts for GardenersGardener’s Salve: A gift from the heart to the hands

Any gardener will tell you that working in the dirt leaves your hands dry and sore. Even if you usually wear gardening gloves to protect your hands, true gardeners can’t help but pull weeds on the way to the mailbox, or pinch off unwanted shoots on the roses while waiting for your turn at kickball. The consequences can be disastrous to your hands, and salve is the best way to soothe them!





Gifts for Gardeners: Gardening Tools

Garden Tools

You can never underestimate the importance of great tools! Even better when they come with a way to organize them and keep them together, tidy and clean. This set also includes plant labels, twine, a spray bottle and a few handy extras. This looks like one of those perfect gifts for your favorite gardeners!





Herb Window Garden Gift


Complete Herb Window Garden

You certainly don’t have to be a gardener to appreciate this useful gift! In fact, my 20-year-old son wants one for his college apartment window just because he loves to cook. It comes with cute pots, labels and 9 of the most common cooking herbs. Yum!





Gifts for Gardeners: seatGarden Kneeler & Seat

I used to think these were just for old people until I used my Grandma’s when I was helping in her garden. It’s a real back saver and it also saves the knees of your jeans! If your garden is very big, it gets old scooting and crawling around. This kneeler/seat is narrow so it fits anywhere, lightweight and sturdy. What a great gift for any gardener!






Garden Stationery Gift


Floral Stationery

It’s funny how gardeners seem to be the sort of high-caliber people who also appreciate high-quality, elegant stationery. And if it’s covered in flowers, all the better! I know my favorite gardeners would love this gift!





Gardeners Logbook Gift


Garden Logbook

Whether you’re planning a patio container garden or a backyard veggie patch, this practical logbook can help. What a useful gift for all of your favorite gardeners! The log allows you to track all of your plants from their beginnings in your garden through the growing season and beyond. Note your successes and failures, so you won’t repeat mistakes. The logbook also includes gardening tips, helpful websites, and grid pages for planning your garden. Plus it’s pretty!





Gifts for Gardeners


Wood Plant Stakes

You might be thinking, “Wood plant stakes? Why would anyone want those?” My daughters made me a set for Mother’s Day one year and I LOVE them! My girls had a blast painting them (paint is not included with these stakes) with the labels of all the produce I like to grow: beets, pumpkins, carrots, spinach, lettuce, etc… I no longer have to make myself disposable labels each year, I just carry these with me in a pail and pound them into the ground at the head of each row. Did I mention that they are cute and add a touch of whimsy to my garden? What a fun, personalized gift for your favorite gardener! My daughters used sturdy stakes from Home Depot that were much cheaper than the link. You could also use paint stirring sticks or cut your own from scrap lumber to keep the cost down.






Gifts for Gardeners


Garden Decorations

You might not be a gardener if you don’t obsess over how your garden beds look from every angle. But trust me, that is one of your gardener friends topmost concerns! Help out with a cute gift for the garden! I love the look of this rustic wagon, but it might not be your friend’s style, so you’ll have to do a little reconnaissance.




Gifts for GardenersPlant Supports: Steel Plant Cages

Not only are these steel plant supports gorgeous, but they are helpful time-savers in the garden. All gardeners will be thrilled about these useful gifts. Non-woody plants that get large and unwieldy have to be staked and tied in order to look tidy and attractive. An alternative is to use a pretty support like this. These are reusable and will be a favorite gardening tool for years.





Gifts for GardenersFairy Garden

Gnomes and fairies and magical creatures are a fun addition to any garden, especially if you have kids! My mom has several sets like this and my kiddos love to crawl around in her garden.






Gifts for Gardeners: Obelisk climbing structures


Garden Obelisk Structure

All gardens look prettier with some height variation for interest. A structure like this is the perfect way to add height and support taller plants at the same time. A gorgeous garden structure like this (they come in multiple designs to appeal to any gardener) will be a treasured gift!





Gifts for Gardeners


Gardener TShirt

I had to laugh at this. This Tshirt is just too true and any gardener will agree! They’ll think of you and feel loved every time they wear this special gift. It comes in lots of colors besides black.






Sloggers Garden Shoe

I don’t know a single gardener who wouldn’t appreciate a pair of these. Not only are they adorable, but they’re so practical! I’m forever on the hunt for a pair of slip-on shoes so I can run outside to move a hose or deadhead some roses. Who wants to take time to tie sneakers? The durable, washable exterior is a nice bonus, as you can just hose your shoes down after working in the mud. 



A few more gifts all gardeners would appreciate are: gift cards to a garden center, beautiful patio pots, plants (I love to share cuttings from my own plants), and a helping hand. I hope you found the perfect gifts for your favorite gardeners on your list!

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