Useful Gifts for Under $10

Gifts under $10

Does gift-giving stress you out? You wish you had a budget the size of Texas and could buy all of your loved ones everything they need and want. But your budget is more like Rhode Island. No, even Rhode Island is WAY too big! Your budget for gifts is more like, oh, say under $10. 

Don’t be embarrassed! Your gifts can actually be better than adequate and you can stick to your budget, even when you’re sticking to gifts under $10.

Let’s start with a few tips for giving great gifts on a small budget (these are all under $10).


Great Tips for Giving Gifts Under $10

Re-gifting is okay, especially if it’s just a small part of the gift, like a basket or some stationery or something. Just don’t make it awkward by leaving the card from the previous giver in the box! Re-gifting is especially fun for White Elephant parties or humorous occasions. 

Create a standing gift closet or even just a box in your closet. When you see something useful on sale, grab a couple. I love to hit up the clearance aisles at Walmart after Christmas to purchase gift sets for pennies on the dollar. Most are Christmas themed, but I’ve even found non-Christmas-themed gift sets suitable for other occasions. It’s super handy to always have something nice on hand.

 Consumable gifts are often a great, inexpensive choice. Homemade baked goods, decadent fudge, a local specialty or an exotic, ethnic dish — these will be gratefully received and not contribute to clutter or end up at Goodwill.

Handmade gifts don’t always suck! You may not want another of Aunt Bertha’s crocheted doilies, but some handmade gifts are pretty fantastic and worth a lot more than the meager cost for supplies. Here are 33 Ideas for Handmade Gifts Anyone Would Love.

Look for simple ways to scrape together cash. Maybe you can skip your morning coffee, cancel your streaming service, or just eat beans and rice for the month of December. Maybe all you need to do is scrounge through pockets in your laundry room or dig through the nether regions of your couch. Maybe a side hustle is the answer. Here are 15 Ways to Make Extra Christmas Cash.



Household Gifts for Under $10

Useful gifts under $10
Smart Rock for Hiding Keys

How useful is this? It might just be me (what is wrong with me?) but I am a huge fan of hiding extra keys all over the place. This habit has really saved my bacon more than once, like the time back in 2002 when I locked my keys inside the car, while it was running, with my baby and my toddler both buckled in the back seat, crying. Thankfully, they make cars smarter than me now!


Useful gifts under $10Blind Cleaner

Give someone you love the gift of clean blinds! What could be better? Just ask any frazzled mom and she’ll enthusiastically agree that clean blinds would top the gift list. Not any more! With this product you can clean two slats at once and it cleans them the first swipe! The micro fiber is the key to getting all the dust and the design of the product makes it super easy! PLUS this tool can be used on different types of blinds because it is flexible! I have used it on wooden shutters, plastic vertical patio door blinds, and horizontal metal “mini” blinds. Additionally, the micro fiber “sleeve” that fits on the tool is washable and it comes with five of them so its a real value, being reusable and with so many to use it should last a long time before they all completely wear out!

Useful gifts under $10
Beeswax Food Wrap

Gosh, I love this stuff! The wraps themselves are actually made of cotton. They can be washed, dried, and reused practically indefinitely. This set comes with a beeswax bar so you can renew the beeswax in the fabric whenever you need to. They adhere easily, save you money, keep food fresher than plastic wrap, plus they don’t contribute to environmental waste. 

Useful gifts under $10
Ice Cream Cozy

How did I only just now find out about these? (Ice cream is my kryptonite.) You know what would be even better, though? Have you seen those beverage cozies that disguise alcoholic beverages as Sprite or Coke? Well, how about if these ice cream cozies disguised your pint of ice cream as a container of pureed carrots or something? Then you wouldn’t have to share!

Useful gifts under $10
Heat Resistant, Cut Resistant Gloves

I bought my husband a pair of these for Christmas last year and I use them all the time (he hasn’t used them at all), lol! They’re much more flexible than an oven mitt, plus they’re cut resistant, so they’re just as handy in the kitchen as they are at the grill. They’re also amazing for building a fire in the wood stove or the firepit!

Useful gifts under $10
Cotton Mesh Reusable Grocery Bags (4-pack)

These net bags can safely hold up to 40 pounds of produce and other groceries, yet they are so lightweight and squishable you can carry them all in a pocket. These mesh grocery bags are much more durable than the nylon type, plus they’re bo-degradable as well as washable. I also really appreciate that they are larger, which means fewer trips in from the car.

Useful gifts under $10
Vegetable Spiralizer Noodle Maker

If your gift recipient is into nutrition, this little spiralizer is a gift they will use often! It’s compact, portable, and super easy to clean, so it won’t get shoved to the back of a kitchen cabinet and never used. Replacing wheat noodles with vegetables will drastically increase nutrient intake. 

Useful gifts under $10
Mini Waffle Maker

These come in all different colors and waffle shapes, which are a lot of fun for a breakfast surprise on a special occasion.

Useful gifts under $10
Jar Opener

Gifts under $10 can be incredibly useful! Check out this nifty jar opener for people who can never seem to open the pickle jar! 

Gifts for Her Under $10

Useful gifts under $10
Makeup Eraser Reusable Cloths

Effortlessly removes makeup, dirt and oil with just warm water. The soft, plush, polyester-blend microfiber eliminates the need for make-up removers and cleansers. Just throw these in the washing machine and you never have to buy cleansing wipes again. They’re easy to take along when you travel, too!


Useful gifts under $10
Satin Pillowcases

The slippery, shiny finish of satin is ideal for sleeping on. Satin pillowcases reduce friction and don’t absorb moisture so your hair isn’t damaged while you sleep. These are especially essential for curly hair, which naturally needs more moisture and is prone to frizz. They also protect skin from moisture loss and creasing.

Useful gifts under $10
Microfiber Hair Turban

These amazing, microfiber, hair-drying towels eliminate frizz and damage caused by blow drying and regular bath towels. They won’t dry your hair completely like a blow dryer, but they’ll get it pretty close so you can finish air drying your hair quickly. They work especially well for curly hair by eliminating the frizz and the moisture loss that most other drying methods cause. 

Useful gifts under $10
Foot Massage Roller

Designed to relieve pain in your foot arch and heels, the nubs and grooves on the roller knead, stimulate and relax soft feet tissue, your hands and body. 

Useful gifts under $10
Spider Flexible Grip Phone Holder

Eeeek! This really does look like a spider! I love that it’s so flexible, though, and can fold up into the smallest pocket, but is also so durable and sturdy. Use it in your car, on your bike, at home, at work, and for taking timed photos. 


Useful gifts under $10
Reusable Straws, both Stainless Steel and Silicone

Plastic, disposable straws are so bad for the environment that many restaurants don’t even provide them anymore. Some offer a paper straw (ick!) but it’s always better if you can provide your own washable, reusable straw. This assortment of styles has something for everyone, along with cleaning implements and a handy carrying case.


Gifts for Him Under $10

Useful gifts under $10
Personalized Flask

Personalized gifts are always in good taste, especially if you have a funny shared story, meaningful quote or inside joke you can incorporate into the personalization. Just think — every time your buddy uses this flask, he’ll think of you!

Useful gifts under $10
Soapstone Chill Rocks

This elegant gift (can you believe it’s under $10) will chill your drink without watering it down. Store them the freezer so they’re always ready to use. They’re perfect for any beverage, reusable, no-mess and no-fuss.


Useful gifts under $10
Lighted Beanie Cap

The handy dandy light on this beanie cap points directional light for use hunting, camping, travel, running, walking, auto repair, or anywhere you need hands-free light.

Useful gifts under $10
Magnetic Wrist Holder

For the man (or woman) in your life who likes to get his (or her) DIY on, this is the perfect home improvement and toolbox accessory. This is a great gift idea for husbands, dads, DIY, mechanics, roofers, construction, and just about anyone.

Useful gifts under $10
Snowflake Multi-Tool

How misogynistic of me to add TWO tool-ish gadgets to the men’s section and none to the women’s section, huh? For everyone’s information, I have my own set of tools (because I like them organized just so). Try not to read too much into it — I just had more ideas for women’s gifts and I wanted to keep the sections sort of even. I actually think this useful gift would be equally awesome for male and female spies.

Useful gifts under $10
Manicure/Pedicure Set

If you have kids, you know how utterly impossible it is to keep track of a set of fingernail clippers. No matter how many you buy, they’re never where they belong and you have to hunt through all of your children’s bathrooms for them. That’s why this fold-up leather case is so ingenious. You can hide your manicure/pedicure implements in plain sight.


Gifts for Kids for Under $10

Useful gifts under $10LCD Doodle Board

This gift is the perfect way to keep your kiddos busy in waiting rooms, at church or anywhere they need to be quiet. They use a special pen (included) to draw on the LCD surface, then clear it again instantaneously with the push of a button.

Useful gifts under $10
5 Pair Animal Socks

My daughters would go nuts for these adorable critter socks! They say they are women’s size, but socks always run a little small, if you ask me.

Useful gifts under $10
Kid-Sized Binoculars

For your little explorer, these binoculars are the perfect gifts under $10  for camping, safari, traveling, bird watching, spying, car trip, summer vacation and so much more. 

Useful gifts under $10
Glitter Stacking Crayons

Maybe I was just a deprived kid, but my friends all had these pens that would write in multiple colors, depending on which lever you pressed. Boy was I ever jealous! These stacking crayons are a little different, but every bit as cool! Make all the deprived kids envious!

Useful gifts under $10
Scented Marker Set

Speaking of envious, these are another thing I craved as a child. All the cool kids had scented markers and would write each other “smelly” notes and trade scents back and forth. By the time I finally got some of my own, they were no longer cool. Story of my life! Make sure your intended recipient doesn’t miss out on being cool for lack of scented markers! 


Gifts for Grandma for Under $10

Useful gifts under $10
What I Love About Grandma Book

Get your Granny alternately laughing and crying (and make her feel loved) with this funny knock-knock joke book! 

Useful gifts under $10
Sentimental Pillow Cover

This pillow is printed: ”I hugged this little pillow, I squeezed it really tight, I filled it with my wishes, hope and love and light. So when you’re really missing me, just hold it really tight. You’ll feel my love within it morning, noon and night.”

Useful gifts under $10
Cutting Board

This is so pretty, Grandma probably won’t actually use it. She might need a little easel so she can display it on her counter instead, so all of her friends can see how well loved she is.

The best gift of all for Grandmas is time! Just ask your Grandma if you don’t believe me. She’d love an picnic or a walk together or and afternoon of her favorite game. She probably doesn’t need anything and values your presence above any presents.

And that probably holds true for most of the people on your list! If cash is tight, think instead of ways to serve your loved ones with your talents. Merry Christmas!



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