Gifts for Travelers

Gifts for Travelers

There’s only so much room in your bag, and if you haven’t already learned the benefits of traveling light, you soon will. It’s inevitable!

(You get to skip bag claim and bag check if you only have a carry on, and you pretty much never lose your own luggage! It’s so convenient!)

That’s why I’m super picky about my travel gadgets. I won’t waste space on something I’d only use once or twice. I only take things I know will be either very useful or will drastically improve my travel experience.

I figure my fellow travelers have learned the same lessons I have, so I’m also super picky about gifts I purchase for other globe-trotters. I thought I’d share a few of my favorites with you in case you’re looking for the perfect gift for a traveler.

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15 Useful Gifts for Travelers

Gifts for Travelers: adapterInternational Travel Adapter

In order to use your electronics in foreign countries, you’ll need a travel adapter plug. You’ll want one that accepts both 2 and 3-pronged plugs as well as multiple USB ports for charging your mobile devices. You’ll also want it to be small and all integrated, so you don’t have to keep track of multiple pieces. I’ve tried several, and my favorite is this Universal travel adapter from Bonazza. It’s positively tiny, plus it will take you everywhere and last forever! This is one of those gifts your favorite traveler will use over and over!



Rechargeable Travel Bank GiftPortable, Rechargeable Power Bank

If you depend on your phone (and other electronic gadgets) when you travel, then you know how huge a headache it is to run out of power at a crucial time! If you’ve had a dead battery right when you needed to use an e-ticket or pull up a map or use your translator app to communicate with your Uber driver, you understand just how valuable a little, rechargeable power bank can be! This could be the gift of safety and sanity for your favorite world traveler!



Oraganizer Gift for TravelersTravel Toiletry Organizer

This is one of my favorite and most-used travel-related purchases over the years. I love that it has room for everything without taking up much room in my luggage. The interior is waterproof to contain messes, and the handy hook saves you time when you’re on the move frequently. 



Gifts for Travelers: Packing CubesPacking Cubes

Speaking of organization, if you want to be able to fit more into a smaller space, and still have your clothing look nice and wrinkle-free, you need a set a packing cubes. I love that this set comes with a shoe bag and a laundry bag. What useful gifts for travelers!


Passport Wallet: Useful gifts for travelersPassport Wallet

I didn’t even know I needed one of these until my sister was stuck in Seattle for a week trying to get home to Malaysia, because the photo page in her passport tore just a tiny bit. Honestly, it was barely noticeable — those customs officers are sticklers! My passport is pretty beat up already, so I figured I needed this lightweight passport wallet right away. This is, hands-down, one of the most useful gifts for travelers!It’s not much bigger than my passport, and it also holds money, credit cards and boarding passes to help keep you organized.



Waterproof Phone Pouch: Useful Gifts for Travelers
Waterproof Phone Pouch

I have a Pixel 4, which is completely waterproof (my daughter tested it by accidentally sending it through the washing machine and it was fine). Still, I don’t feel comfortable taking it snorkeling or diving or anything. This nifty bag fits my phone and my keys, with space leftover if I needed to carry anything else. It really is waterproof and it allows you to use your phone through the bag, so you can take photos, calls and send texts even under water. The arm strap works great!

Luggage scale gifts for travelers
Luggage Scale

My favorite thing about this scale is how positively tiny it is! That way I can tuck it in a luggage pocket and take it along with me, so I’m never left frantically trying to shift belongings around in my luggage while trying not to held up the luggage-checking line at the airport. As tiny as it is, it’s accurate to within a pound of the airport scales.


World Travelers Jewelry Gifts

Okay, this one isn’t useful, but it sure is pretty! I think it would be a great conversation starter for any world traveler who loves to talk with other world travelers about all of the amazing places they’ve been.


Luggage Tags: Gifts for TravelersLuggage Tags

Have you ever felt a little weird about hanging your personal information from your luggage handle? These tags keep your information private. If you lose your luggage, the QR code can be scanned. If someone views the information, you will be sent an email telling you where and when the tag was viewed. It is a great way to keep track of where your luggage is in transit. This gives you an extra sense of assurance that if you get separated from your bag (or phone or computer), you will see it again.



electronic gifts for travelersTablet for Reading & Entertainment

Perfect for long flights or train travel, you can fit thousands of books and games on a tablet. These are essential for traveling with kids, but useful all the time, really. They can work as a backup for photo storage, computing and internet access while traveling. The kindle paperwhite is best for reading, but I prefer this multi-purpose tablet so we can also download apps for the kiddos. The hubs likes his larger and I prefer the 7″ version. Luckily, there’s one for everybody!



Gifts for Travel: Noise cancelling earphonesNoise Cancelling Headphones

Have you ever been stuck on a 15+ hour flight to SE Asia with a screaming toddler? Of course, if he’s yours, these will do you no good. But if he’s someone else’s problem, these will save your sanity! I’m not sure how anyone travels without them! These roll up much smaller than you could ever imagine so they don’t take much room in your luggage.



Travel Tote GiftPackable Folding Tote Bag

Last year we were traveling with friends in Amsterdam and ran across a fantastic little clothing store having an amazing sale. We knew we didn’t have much room in our luggage, so we decided to just buy a few things. As usual, we left with several bags, laughing over how we were going to get our purchases home. I found a way to get my purchases in my bags, but my friend ended up wearing two weeks worth of clothing, a heavy jacket and a winter coat, layered, throughout our 12-hour flight home. This tote, which folds into a tiny pocket, would have saved her bacon! Any traveler would love this handy gift!


Travel Map GiftScratch-Off Destination Map

What a fun conversation piece! It’s also a great way to remember all the trips you’ve taken and keep track of your bucket list. My sister has a similar map, which she placed in a poster frame without the glass so they can use it. It looks great!



Gifts for Travelers: Bendy Neck PillowTravel Pillow: A Gift for Your Neck

Travel pillows are absolutely essential for long-haul flights unless you like to accidentally drool on your neighbor’s shoulder. But then you have to find room for them in your luggage and cart them all over the place, so you need something small. That’s why I really like the memory foam type. They pack down small, but they also provide great support. I just attach the bag this packs into the handle of my carry-on suitcase so it doesn’t take up any room inside. Anyone would appreciate this luxurious travel gift!



Travel Gifts: Filter BottlesWater Filter Bottles

LifeStraw water bottles aren’t just for camping! When we travel internationally, in places where the water supply isn’t safe, these water bottles are life savers! They filter 99.9% of waterborne parasites & bacteria from water sources, reduce odor and also drastically improve the taste of your water.



Gifts for Travelers: Multi-toolTravel Multitool Gift

You don’t want to be without a sharp knife, pliers, bottle opener, screwdriver, or scissors while traveling, but it’s hardly practical to pack your tools. Just be sure to pack it in your checked luggage so it doesn’t get confiscated!



First Aid Gifts for TravelersTravel First-aid Kit

Obviously if you’re heading out into the back country you’ll need a different first aid kit than if you’re traveling through Southeast Asia. And if you’re traveling through New York City or Paris you might just need the bare minimum. No matter where you’re going, though, it’s good to be prepared. This little, travel-sized, first-aid kit makes thoughtful gifts for your favorite travelers!



I hope you’ve found some ridiculously useful gifts for your own favorite travelers! If you’re still looking for the perfect gift idea, be sure to read:

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If you’re not quite sure you’ve find the perfect gift, keep looking! Check out our other ideas for that perfect gift for your special someone.




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