15 Perfect Gifts for Nurses

15 Perfect Gifts for Nurses

Gifts for Nurses

Most nurses didn’t choose their careers because of great hours or lucrative salaries! They don’t stay for those reasons either.

Despite the difficulties of caring selflessly for others day in and day out, nurses keep showing up to heal and to bless lives. They lift weary souls and soothe anxious brows. They make broken bodies and spirits whole through skill and compassion.  

Every day (not just holidays) is a great day to show that special nurse in your life how much you appreciate them! Be sure to scroll all the way to the bottom, because the last gift idea is a doozy! It will give your favorite nurse a good laugh!

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15 Perfect Gifts for Nurses:


Gifts for Nurses

Burt’s Bees Classic Gift Set

Do you know how many times each day a nurse washes her hands? Or how many hours she spends on her feet? Me neither. But I’m sure  gifts to pamper and soothe dry, rough, cracked skin would be appreciated by all nurses.





Gifts for NursesStethoscope Hat

What a fun and stylish way to proudly show off your occupation! The embroidered stethoscope on this gift will be a huge hit with your favorite nurse, male or female.




Inspirational Gifts for Nurses Books


Chicken Soup: Inspiration for Nurses

This collection of true stories champions nurses’ daily contributions, commitments and sacrifices, and depicts the compassion, intelligence and humor needed to meet today’s demands. Through laughter and tears, nurses share their stories to inspire and fortify one another, so together they can continue their competent, compassionate service.




Practical Gifts for NursesSlip-Resistant Work Shoes

These non-slip, roomy, extra-cushioned crocs are the perfect gift for nurses who spend long hours on their feet. The washable exterior and fun patterns are a perfect complement to a medical setting.





Gifts for Nurses: travel mug

Personalized, Insulated Mug

You know your nurse friend is not the only nurse bringing his coffee in to work. How luxurious would it be for it to stay hot for hours? And how handy would it be to have his mug personalized so it never gets confused with another person’s mug? 





Funny Gifts for Nurses: Socks


Nurse Themed Socks

This is a fun way to get a laugh from your favorite nurse. Not only are they amusing, but they’re truly useful and will be a much loved gift for any nurse. 




Gifts for Nurses

Funny Nurse Gift

This cute mug/glass holder is the perfect way to get a laugh out of your favorite nurse and make him/her feel loved and appreciated. I imagine it’s the complete, unfettered truth and will be one of your favorite nurses favorite gifts!





Gifts for nursesPerfect Nurse Backpack

This large-capacity bag can hold a 15.6″ laptop, tablet, glasses, wallet, keys, earphone, power bank, cell phone, lunch and a pair of scrubs. Plus, it’s pretty cute! I can’t think of a more perfect gift for nurses and this is the perfect backpack!






Funny Gifts for NursesFunny Nurse Mug

You’ve got to admit, this is pretty funny! I’ll bet there are multiple times each day while working that your favorite nurse could use a laugh. Not only will this mug make her/him laugh, but it will also make her/him think of you. 






Useful Gifts for Nurses

Nurse Badge Reel Holder

These cute accessories will get lots of compliments. The best thing about them, though, is how practical they are. 






Funny Gifts for Nurses: Syringe pens

Syringe Highlighters

These are so cute everyone will want to know where you bought them! They’ll pair perfectly with the planner below.





Gifts for Nurses: Planner

Nurse Planner

This Weekly/Monthly Planner for Nurses makes the perfect time management notebook, appointment book or daily planner! Planners are great gifts for busy nurses!






Equipment Bag: Gifts for Nurses

Nurse Equipment Bag

Nurses who travel would love to receive this bag as a gift. Boy, just look at all those pockets! It has room for all of their diagnostic tools, activities, medical supplies, laptop and paperwork. The side pockets are very roomy and easy to access.





Gifts for NursesNurse Sticky Notes

These are quite possible the cutest sticky notes I’ve ever seen! They’re almost too cute to use! Almost, but not quite — and I’m sure your favorite nurse will be thrilled to use them all day long.




Funny Gifts for Nurses
Human Organ Transplant Lunch Tote

I saved the very best gift idea for nurses gifts for last. Tell me your favorite nurse won’t get a kick out of this!



I hope this list has given you a few great ideas for perfect gifts for your favorite nurses! If not and you still need more gift ideas, be sure to read:

>>‘How to Find the Perfect Gift for Every Person on Your List’<<







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