Among the many beauties of homeschooling is the ability to drop everything and follow an interest. After finishing breakfast this morning, the kids were cleaning the kitchen and I was hanging out laundry, when suddenly a huge blackhawk helicopter swooped across our neighbor’s field. The kids all ran outside, and we watched as 6 army guys parachuted out of the helicopter, right into the field. Emma ran inside for the camera, and we spent a couple of hours watching what must have been a military parachuting practice. The helicopter took multitudes of army guys up and dropped them in groups of six, over and over and over. It inspired all sorts of questions and learning, from how binoculars work to why the army guys roll when they land. I LOVE learning that is inspired by experience! How do your kids learn best?

The Beauty of Homeschooling--experiential learning

The beauty of homeschool--experiential learning
The beauty of homeschool--experiential learning

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