Westport, County Mayo, Ireland

1. Dunguaire Castle and the thatched-roof homes around it

On the way to Westport we stopped first at Dunguaire castle, near Kinvara. Unfortunately, it was closed for a banquet, so we just walked around the outside. It looked to be the same layout, however as Ross castle–both are tower houses. I was actually more impressed with the thatched-roof house across the street. You MUST see the the thatched-roof houses around Dunguaire castle!

2. Ross Errily Friary

Next we stopped a couple of miles outside of Headford at the Ross Errily Friary. We were the only people there. You drive down an empty dirt road and find it in the middle of a giant pasture, complete with sheep, cows and cowpies. You can’t tell how immense it is until you walk all the way around it. This may have been my favorite abbey because you can really explore it, inside and out, every nook and cranny–and there were SO many nooks and crannies!


Ross Errily Friary, Headford, Ireland

3. Cong Abbey and village 

Our next stop was Cong. Kendel is a huge fan of ‘The Quiet Man’ with John Wayne. Cong abbey was small and plain compared to others we’ve visited, but the town was beautiful and it was a fun stop.

4. Glebe Stone Circles

While in Cong, we visited the Glebe Stone Circles. These circles are megalithic monuments that were probably used for ceremonial purposes and date from the Bronze Age, which in Ireland was supposedly about 2500 B.C. . The sign pictured below is at the edge of the road, but you would miss it if you weren’t looking. You will need to climb the stone wall at the edge of the road and hike back to where you see the fenced area. Watch out for sheep droppings! The North Glebe Circle is inside the fence. The others are in adjoining fields and you can see them from that vantage.

We continued on toward Westport, through some of the most beautiful countryside you’ll ever see. We found our B&B, Rosmo House, which was such a great location, with a plentiful and tasty breakfast, and then we walked into town. Rosmo House is only about a 20 minute walk on the Great Western Greenway, a cycling path built over an old disused trainline, from the center of Westport. Croagh Patrick towers above you on your way into town. We wished we had the time to hike it.

5. Great Western Greenway (and Croagh Patrick as seen from the Greenway)

And then you arrive in Westport!

Westport is such a charming town, with a clock tower in the middle, surrounded by fun pubs, quaint shops, and incredible scenery.

We enjoyed our stay at Rosmo House and were very happy with all of the properties at which Tripmaster had booked us, and with the route they chose for us. I don’t receive any payment from them, I just want to mention them because I was a little wary of booking through them at first and tried to find a review for them from a real person rather than just the reviews they have on their website, which could easily have been written by a staff member. I hope my review will help someone else to be able to book with confidence.

Rosmo House B&B
This is Rosmo House B&B in Westport. Sorry it’s so dark!

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