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Over the last 17 years of homeschooling my 8 kiddos, I’ve read practically every education and homeschooling book out there, trying to learn how best to teach my children. From ‘how to teach phonics’, to ‘how to organize my mornings’ — I have learned so much!

One of the most critical things I’ve learned is how to recognize my children’s learning styles and use each child’s particular learning style to his advantage. But until I was invited to review Victus Study Skills System it never occurred to me to teach my children to recognize their own learning styles. Because study skills are critical for success, I was happy to review Levels 1, 2 and 3 with my kiddos, while my high-school-aged kiddos explored the college level Victus Study Skills System independently.

In addition, I realized I hadn’t really taught them how to study. We homeschool together around the kitchen table, and I’ve never given homework, so study skills had never really come up.

Just because I know how to study doesn’t mean my children do.

While using the system, I learned that victus means ‘way of life’ in Latin.  I think that’s a terrific name for a Study Skills System whose objective is to help students reach their goals by developing effective study skills and then applying the same process to all aspects of their lives.

Victus Study Skills System Materials:

Teacher Edition

The Teacher Edition will help you (as mom and teacher) understand the Victus Study Skills System so you can lead your kiddos through the material. Each of the ten lessons in the manual will help you to understand the purpose of the lesson, prepare the materials and teach the lessons in a way that will resonate with your children.

The Teacher Edition was written to correspond with Level 3 workbooks, so Victus Study Skills System provides a small teacher supplement for those using the manual to teach the other levels.

I like the way the teacher manual is laid out — it made things easy for me. I let my older kiddos work through their workbooks on their own, with a little guidance when they needed it, but I used the teacher manual to teach my 6-year-old  and help her complete her workbook.

Student Workbook

Level 1: Primary (grades K-3)

Level 2: Elementary (grades 2-5)

Level 3: (grades 5-11)

Level 4: College (grades 10-12)

There is also a DIY version of the original Student Workbook for youth who want to learn independently.

***The workbooks are consumable, so each student will need his own.

Student Planner

This planner would work for all grades, and the dates are left blank for you to fill in. Each day starts with a goal, and the first few pages of the planner remind the student of the skills learned with the Victus Study Skills System.




How We Used the Victus Study Skills System

As a family, we took five afternoons one week to work through the Victus Study Skills System. It took us a little over an hour each afternoon to complete 2 lessons (there are 10 lessons). I did cut out some of the material for my 6-year-old and substantially shorten her lessons.

Each of my kiddos began with questionnaires to assess their learning styles and reflect on where they are in terms of their study skills. They then learned about goal-setting, and set their own goals with measurable objectives and action plans.

As they progressed through the lessons, each lesson built on prior lessons in a logical, orderly fashion. The lessons thoroughly covered organization skills, time management strategies, motivation, effective study habits, efficient note taking and test-taking strategies. Stories, analogies, statistics, and engaging activities, like completing charts or writing down schedules, helped my kiddos stay engaged as they worked through the course.

As I write this review, a couple of weeks after completing the Victus Study Skills System, each of my children (except my 6-year-old) commented that they had already implement the suggested aids for learning strengths. I like that the things they learned were interesting enough to stick with them and continue to positively influence their learning. I’m going to hang on to our materials so we can start every year by reviewing the Victus Study Skills System.

I feel like the biggest benefit was to my high-school-aged, college-bound kiddos, because they are at a point where they feel responsible for their own learning. Both of them were impressed at the amount of extra time they ‘found’ once they had completely written out their schedules. That exercise enabled them to see how to better allocate study time to maximize efficiency. The skills they learned from this program have benefited them in other aspects of their lives, too.

My 16-year-old daughter was able to apply what she had learned as she practiced her violin and prepared for a string competition. She set goals specific, measurable goals each day as she practiced, and her new skills helped her to organize herself so she could practice more efficiently and effectively. What valuable life skills!



Victus Study Skills System will help your child: 

  • identify their current study habits
  • Identify learning styles
  • Discover how to study more effectively
  • Write a mission statement
  • Set specific, achievable goals
  • Write action plans
  • Manage time effectively
  • Organize learning materials
  • Learn effective study habits
  • Develop note-taking skills
  • Learn test-taking strategies


I greatly appreciate the gift that Victus Study Skills System has given my family of a shared ‘study skills vocabulary’ and tools for learning more efficiently and effectively. This course is truly a great investment in your child’s educational journey!



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Have you used Victus Study Skills System in your homeschool? If so, I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!





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