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Soda Pop Ties Father’s Day FREE Printable

Whether you call this beverage “soda” or “pop”, the colorful ties in this FREE printable will make Father’s Day extra special for all of the dads in your life!

The printable includes ties that say “World’s Best Pop” and “Dad, you’re SODA rific” in two sizes — one perfect for the smaller bottles of soda and a larger size meant for 2L soda bottles.

I tried making them a couple of different ways and finally settled on what you see below because I thought it was the quickest and easiest way to make them will still being aesthetically pleasing. I printed the ties on cardstock, then I cut 1/4 inch strips from the leftover cardstock to make the ring “collars” for the bottles. I taped the whole thing together.

The collars look best when loose, like pictured. If you make them tighter the tie will stick out at an odd angle. Larger bottles, like the 2L size bottles, have wider, more sloped necks. They looked best when I taped the collar together in a v shape as shown below in the second photo. When I tried a straight, ring-shaped collar it wouldn’t sit well.

Depending on the size and shape of the soda bottles you purchase, you can fiddle with the shape of your paper collars to make your ties hang well and look nice.

I also tried using rubber bands, stapled to the ties, which didn’t look great, and using satin ribbon, which would not stay taped to the cardstock and also didn’t look great. Experiment with what you’ve got on hand. I have no doubt your Father’s Day soda pop ties will be adorable!

These Father’s Day soda pop ties are particularly well suited to big group gifts, like if you want to provide a gift for all of the fathers in your church congregation or in your neighborhood. They only take a few minutes to print, cut out and assemble, particularly if you can talk your kiddos into helping!

I hope all of the dads in your life will feel special and loved this Father’s Day!

Soda Pop Ties Father's Day Free Printable

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