This is a super quick, easy, nutritious and delicious meal. AND it’s low carb! My kids like it so much that my oldest makes it frequently away at college, and her roommates have also begun to make it, too. This recipe is just two ingredients, and only takes ten minutes to make. I like to buy Kielbasa when I see it on sale and stick it in my freezer, just so I always have the ingredients on hand for this mealtime staple.

1. Heat a stock pot with 3 T. coconut oil.

2. Slice (into coin shape) about a pound of polish kielbasa-type sausage, add to the stock pot.

3. While the sausage is heating, chop a large head of green cabbage into bite-size pieces, removing and discarding the tough stem, and toss in the stock pot with sausage.

4. Stir the cabbage and sausage around, letting the cabbage cook in the yummy sausage flavor, until the cabbage is tender. Season to taste and serve.


Cost breakdown:

1 head of cabbage: $0.79
1 pound keilbasa: $2.69
Oil and spices: $0.50
Serves 8
less than 50 cents per serving

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  1. Susanne Smith says:

    I wish my ingredients were this cheap! A head of cabbage here costs about $2.23.

    1. Amy Saunders says:

      A head of cabbage is about that same price here in Utah in Sept. 2023 :(. I wrote this article about 2 years ago. I am astonished, flummoxed and incredibly aggravated at the record inflation we have undergone (nearly worldwide) in the last two years. Inflation is so bad I can’t keep up with it — I’d have to edit my ‘Pennies’ articles every other month. In my opinion, it’s just going to get worse and I suggest buying heirloom seeds and growing your own vegetables. Cabbage stores all year without any sort of preservation. Same with winter squashes, onions, potatoes and apples.

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