Math Games Bundle: Mental Math


Did you know that lack of confidence is the number one reason behind a dislike of math? The opposite is also true. Kids who like math feel confident in their abilities. Mental math games are the perfect way to boost mathematical confidence by teaching kids simple strategies for producing accurate answers efficiently.

That’s what these mental math games are all about — developing flexible, efficient, effective and accurate methods for fluent mental computation. It goes way beyond simple fact fluency, (even though that is an admirable goal) to building real number sense, or familiarity with numbers sufficient to be able to manipulate them to perform calculations.

This bundle of games will build mathematical confidence and number sense in a fun way — without it seeming monotonous or boring.

All of the games and teaching materials in this bundle would cost over $20 if purchased separately! Click on the description to learn more about each of the games included. These games will be delivered in separate pdf files to make them easier to navigate and use.

*You are purchasing printable files. No physical product will be shipped.



The following products are included in this bundle of mental math games:

Mental Math Games

  1. Mental Math Showdown
  2. Mental Math Strategies for 2-Digit Multiplication


If you were to purchase all of these products separately, you would pay over $20! This bundle is a great deal!


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