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Freezer meals can save you a ton of money because they are so convenient. Instead of needing to hit the drive-though window on the home after a busy day, you can pull out a freezer meal.

Plus, you can grocery shop less often. Shopping frequently can wreak havoc on your nicely-planned budget, because stores spend lots of money researching ways to get you to part with yours, and they are experts! How often do you return home with only the items on your list.

Batch-cooking will also save you money because you can buy bulk ingredients much cheaper. And if you purchase large amounts on sale, and then make freezer meals or can your chicken, you’re always getting the best price.

I particularly love freezer meals right after having a baby. As soon as that ‘nesting’ instinct (did you know it’s real?) hits I spend a day or two making at least a month of freezer meals to be used during that sleepless postpartum period when my brain doesn’t work and I fall asleep on my feet. I also love them when my husband and I travel and grandparents (and Uncle Nate!) tend my kids, because I know life in our household is overwhelming and I don’t want them to have to cook, too.

I even used freezer meals while we traveled the United States in a motorhome for a month, because it is super expensive to eat out for a family of 10 and because I didn’t want to waste fun time with the family prepping and cooking. It worked brilliantly. Mostly. 

My favorite way to make freezer meals is a batch at a time over a wweek-longperiod. For example, I’ll make chicken enchiladas for dinner on Monday and quadruple the recipe, use one portion for dinner and freeze three portions. Then I’ll do the same thing on Tuesday with Chicken & Broccoli alfredo and on Wednesday with lasagna. On and on through the week.

That way, I don’t have to set aside an entire day, and since I’m cooking and cleaning anyway, I might as well increase it a tiny percentage for 3 extra meals each day. At the end of the week I have 21 freezer meals, which is just about perfect for my available freezer space! 

You can freeze your meals in convenient, disposable foil pans, which are extra handy because you can write the cooking instructions on the lid, and because you can toss the dish afterward–no dishes. Or freeze your ingredients in a gallon-sized freezer bag to dump in your crockpot.

Convenient, no-mess, quick and easy, nutritious, inexpensive and delicious, freezer meals will save your life AND your budget! You’ll be a rockstar mommy!



Creamy Chicken Enchiladas freezer meals

Creamy Chicken Enchiladas: Easy Freezer Meal

Yummy and filling, this easy-to-prepare freezer meal will quickly become a favorite at your house. You will like these creamy, cheesy, delicious enchiladas as much as your family does!






foolproof freezer meals for busy momsChicken Broccoli Alfredo: Easy Freezer Meal

Easy, peasy chicken broccoli alfredo. It is also gluten free because this recipe uses cream cheese instead of flour to thicken the alfredo sauce. Freezer meals can save you tons of money because they are so convenient and will save you from hitting the drive-through after a busy day.






foolproof freezer meals for busy momsFreezer Lasagna

Lasagna is the ultimate comfort food. Be sure to always have several pans of it stashed away in your freezer so you can still feed your family love on the busiest of days!









foolproof freezer meals for busy momsFreezer Sloppy Joes

Want a hearty, filling Sloppy Joe without additives and preservatives? And you want it quick and cheap and homemade on a busy day when you’re exhausted? Well, look no further. Make this tasty, nutritious Sloppy Joe filling and stash it away in your freezer for just that day.







Easy Freezer Meatloaffoolproof freezer meals for busy moms

This recipe is a piece of cake! Make multiple loaves at a time to restock your freezer stash for those crazy busy days when you just can’t face the thought of making dinner. 






foolproof freezer meals for busy moms


Shepherd’s Pie: Comforting Freezer Meal

Shepherd’s pie is an excellent and inexpensive make ahead freezer meal, especially during the winter when you just need something piping hot, nourishing and filling after an exhausting day.





foolproof freezer meals for busy moms


Easy Frozen Meatballs

These versatile meatballs can be served over pasta in a marinara sauce, or in gravy over mashed potatoes, or in alfredo sauce over rice. 









***Bonus time savers: While you have your pots and pans out anyway, make a few of the following to fill up your freezer. None of these is a complete meal, but they will make short work out of throwing a meal together.


foolproof freezer meals for busy moms

Easy taco meat

Brown 4 lb. ground beef with 2 diced onions and 1/4 c. minced garlic. Add 1/4 c. chili powder, 1 8oz can tomato sauce and salt to taste. Divide mixture equally between 4 quart-sized freezer bags and freeze. These can be reheated in the microwave, making it super easy and quick to throw together a taco dinner, sloppy joes, or just use the meat atop a taco salad. 




Marinated Chicken Stripsfoolproof freezer meals for busy moms

Slice several chicken breasts into strips across the grain of the meat and bake in your favorite marinade. I like to use teryaki sauce, which is just soy sauce mixed with brown sugar. Divide the chicken strips into freezer bags and freeze. Heat them in the microwave with frozen vegetables for a quick stir fry, or top greens for a quick chicken salad. Homemade italian dressing makes a great marinade to bake your chicken strips in, too.




foolproof freezer meals for busy momsShredded Chicken

Fill your crockpot with chicken breasts, add 2 c. water and cook on low for a couple of hours. Use two fork to shred the meat, then divide it between several freezer bags.  These can be reheated in the microwave, making it super easy and quick to throw together chicken tacos, add to soup, combine with mayonnaise for chicken salad sandwiches, or add sour cream and cheese for enchiladas.







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  1. This came at such a good time! My boyfriend is coming back from being away for three months, and I told him we should start doing freezer meals to make life so much easier. Pinning this for later!

    1. Amy Saunders says:

      I’m so excited for you! It must have been hard to have him gone so long!

  2. I have started to cook way more, but am feeling overwhelmed about it at times due to my busy life!
    Even though I am vegan you inspired me to look into this much more! Thank you!

  3. We’ve just entered Spring Sports season and I was needing some new freezer meal ideas! We can only eat so many sandwiches before my little guys start to revolt! That Chicken Broccoli Alfredo looks super tasty and I think it will be the first one I make a “batch” of for the freezer. Thanks for all the great suggestions!

  4. This reminded me that I really need to get back into the habit of cooking ahead of time! It really does help so much when I remember to do it!

    1. Amy Saunders says:

      I couldn’t agree more. I always fall out of the habit during the summer and have to pick it up again in the fall.

    1. Amy Saunders says:

      Mine, too. They really save my grocery budget!

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