Place Value Maze


This 7-page printable includes five place value mazes of varying difficulties. They’ll help your child make math connections that will increase his understanding of the concept of place value.



These place value mazes are a fun way to point out to your child the way adding 1 in different place values can change a number. As kids work through each place value maze they can make math connections in a fun and enjoyable way.

Have your child start with adding tens to the first place value maze. It will seem easy until he hits a nine. Oh, the dreaded, tricky nines.

Here’s how I handle the nines. I have our base-ten set ready to go. I find that pre-teaching is less effective than answering questions, so I just let my kiddos get started. When they hit a nine and have a hard time visualizing the regrouping, that’s when I bring out our base-ten blocks.

Your child will hit 8,197 halfway through the maze. Build the number 8,197 using 7 unit blocks, 9 ten rods, 1 hundred base, and 8 thousand cubes.  Hand your child another ten rod and ask him where it goes. Give him a minute to think about it.

He might make the connections and figure it out himself, because the base-ten blocks are such a great tool. But if he needs to be prompted, ask him if he wants to trade you ten rods (tens) for a base (100), then have him write out the number, 8,207 from the base-ten blocks. The subsequent mazes are just more difficult versions of the same thing — differentiated for more advanced place value understanding.

If that first place value maze is easy for your child, just let him progress through the mazes until he has a question. Help him figure it out with the base-ten blocks and try to move on. If the first maze seems difficult, have your child build the first number with the base-ten blocks, and build each number as you progress through the maze, showing your child what it looks like to add a ten rod over and over.

You can get these place value mazes free at this post. And here are several more place value games to increase understanding.


Required materials: All you will need are the mazes and a pencil.


Age range: 2nd to 4th grade



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