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This 16-page printable place value chart includes materials for a flip chart up to the hundred millions or one that includes decimals as well as a basic place value chart that goes up to the hundred billions and one that includes decimals. These charts should cover all of your place value chart needs! đŸ™‚



My kids and I enjoy starting our homeschool together most mornings with math games. One thing we bring out almost every morning are our place value charts because they’re so helpful. We then leave them out on the table as we complete our math assignments.

A place value chart can be very helpful in comparing the place value of the digits in large numbers. It can help learners understand the difference between place value and period value.

Place value is a foundational math concept and is necessary for addition, subtraction, exponents, long division, fractions and pretty much every other math operation. In the decimal, or base ten, numbering system, the position of each digit in a number determines its value. For example, a 3 in the ones place just represents 3, but a 3 in the hundreds place represents 300, or 3 groups of 100.

Most kids understand place value best when they work with the numbers themselves, and a place value chart will increase understanding. This place value flip chart is especially fun for kids to use because it’s manipulatable — your kids can flip the numbers.

This printable place value chart includes 16 pages that will be used to assemble your own place value flip chart, including materials for a flip chart up to the hundred millions or one that includes decimals.

You’ll find lots of fun place value games to play (and you can get this printable free!) at this post. >>> Printable Place Value Charts & Games <<<


Required Materials: You’ll need a stapler, scissors and the printable.


Age Range:  My 5-year-old loves her place value flip chart, and my 16-year-old loves her flat, basic place value chart (she keeps it in her math textbook and uses it as a bookmark). I must admit that I find these Place Value charts helpful, too!


*You will receive this printable in the form of a downloadable file. There is no physical product and nothing will be shipped.



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  1. Odilia

    I just found your page after searching place value charts. Thanks for sharing! I am thrilled to see the subjects you cover under your logo, my favorite topics as a HS mom. See you soon!

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