Long Division Templates in Color and Black/White

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My all-time favorite subject to teach is math. But long division gives me nightmares! With all the steps, there is so much that can go wrong. And even if things go right, are you kiddos really learning the why behind each step of the algorithm? Are they understanding the concept, or just going through the procedure?

The right tools, though, make all the difference! This 40-page file includes:

  • Colorful long division templates for various configurations of problems, from 3-digit dividends by 1-digit divisors to 4-digit dividends by 2-digit divisors.
  • Black and white templates for the same long division configurations.
  • Practice worksheets, using the colorful templates, on three different levels.
  • Answer keys for each worksheets.
  • Poster with the three types of division equations, labeled.
  • 2-sided bookmarks with division vocabulary and step by step instructions.
  • Large-box, graph-paper style template.
  • Helpful teaching instructions, hints and tips.
  • Partial quotient step-by-step handout.

If anything can help your child cultivate a more thorough, conceptual understanding of long division, this is it. Pair this file up with a couple of fun long  division games for extra practice, and long division will be a piece of cake!

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1 review for Long Division Templates in Color and Black/White

  1. FireDragon (verified owner)

    Lovely! I teach from 3 yr olds to adult and I can see that these will be suitable for a wide range of students. Haven’t used them yet. but have had a good perusal. Thank you for being so thorough with the notes.

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