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I apologize for the quality of the video’s–I just took them with my phone.

We feel so blessed that a local private school, American Heritage School, allows outside students, including homeschoolers, to join their orchestras. We have participated with them for the last six years. They offer four preparatory orchestras, Prelude, Crescendo, Chamber, and Symphonic Strings, and then the Philharmonic, which is a full symphonic orchestra, including brass, wind, woodwinds, piano, harp, strings and percussion. All orchestras are by audition only and require a private teacher.

The Philharmonic wins ‘Best Of State’ every year and has released 3 CD’s. Their most recent CD, Simple Gifts, was #1 on the Classical Billboard charts for two weeks. They have a youtube channel with fantastic productions and they have played with guest artists Lexi Walker, Nathan Pacheco, Simply 3, Marie Osmond, Jenny Oaks Baker and more. Kayson Brown, their conductor gives them wonderful opportunities to record and to rub elbows with industry greats and works hard to show them how music benefits them.

Currently, Melody and Caleb play violin and cello in the Crescendo orchestra, Elsa plays violin in Symphonic Strings, Emma and Hyrum play violin and cello in the Philharmonic. My kids each also play the piano and guitar, because I personally feel that children should start with the piano and learn to read all the clefs and learn music theory, which is hard to do exclusively on a stringed instrument and because the guitar helps them to thoroughly learn all of their chords and to learn to accompany their voice.

How do you incorporate music into your homeschool?

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