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Are you a curriculum junkie like me?

I think half of my curriculum hoarding problem comes from my optimism and overly ambitious enthusiasm for homeschooling. Seriously, when my oldest was four-years-old, almost five, I ambitiously bought her two separate Latin programs, Spanish, Astronomy, Physics, World Geography, and a literature-based world history course that would rival any University’s, in addition to the basics: reading, writing and ‘rithmatic.

I think it’s human nature to bite off more than we can chew. We all just want the best for our children!

Over the last 17 years of homeschooling, I’ve been able to curb my curriculum addiction somewhat, in part because I’m naturally frugal and in part because I ran out of room in our homeschooling closet!

So when I learned about, and was offered the opportunity to try the Ultimate Annual Yearly Membership for free, I was thrilled! My inner curriculum junkie was singing and dancing, (over 400 online homeschool classes!) and neither my inner cheapskate (one low price!) nor my inner minimalist (nothing to store!) had any objections.

Schoolhouse Teachers

Once I received my login, I had a lot of fun looking the website over.

Online Homeschool Classes

I gathered my 6 youngest kiddos, ages 6-17, around (My two oldest are away at University) and let them choose a couple of things that looked interesting to them.

My 6 and 9-year-old girls were just as excited as I was, and immediately proceeded to make lists of ALL the fabulous classes they wanted to take. My 11-year-old son began searching for coding classes (he’s obsessed with learning to hack like his older brother) and my 13-year-old daughter wanted to take all of the art and music classes.

I was very happy about their enthusiasm, and glad to let them study whatever they wanted on the side. But I had already decided to work through the Spanish courses together.

We’ve been studying Spanish as a family for the last ten years, on and off. But we still aren’t great at it, ha, ha! Our problem is that I’m the teacher, and I don’t speak Spanish, so it’s like the blind leading the blind! I’m hoping that having an actual teacher will make all the difference!

I love that the courses are asynchronus and recorded, so we could begin right away, instead of having to wait for a new semester. Because they are self-paced, we can move as fast as want. I also loved that as soon as we enrolled, began sending us emails to familiarize  us with their site and all of the benefits.

They have so stinking much to offer that their site is almost overwhelming. So the emails really helped me to learn to easily navigate the site and find what I was looking for.

We started with Elementary Spanish, which consisted of 17 weeks of lessons, with a week for review in between each. The teacher started each lesson with a Bible verse in Spanish, and then we learned the alphabet sounds and Spanish vocabulary. Each class was only about 10 minutes long, so we completed them all in less than a month and moved on to High School Spanish.

Schoolhouse Teachers Review

Each High School Spanish course (there are 2 levels) consists of 37 weeks of lessons, meant to be taught over a 5-day week. But we adjusted it to fit our needs better, and we learn the entire lesson in two days per week. I love that the course includes free downloadable audio files so we can work on our Spanish in the car and while we wait at music lessons.

The High School course moves faster and is more thorough than the elementary course (as is to be expected) and is more what we were looking for. All of my children, from my 6-year-old to my 13-year-old are enjoying Senora Reeves’ teaching style.

We just download a .zip file each week, comprised of several .pdf and .mp4 files for learning and listening. The mp4 files are particularly helpful because we struggle with pronunciation.

The elementary course was presented visually, by a teacher sitting in front a video camera, with printable worksheets in front of my children for them to follow along. The High School class is presented more like a textbook, but with a digital audio component.

Schoolhouse Teachers

If we only used the Spanish courses, I would still feel like was an excellent value at only $90 for the year (using the coupon code below). I’d have paid far more than that for Spanish courses for myself and four kids!

Over 400 Online Homeschool Classes

We’ve also enjoyed guitar, art and coding courses so far, and I’m sure we’ll enjoy more over the year. What a deal!

We’ve also appreciated several other aspects of the site. They have a World Book section that is just as handy as having an easily searchable set of Encyclopedia’s at your fingertips. (But you don’t have to store them!) We used it today to research Chinese history because we’ll be visiting the Terracotta Warriors in Xi’An next month, and we wanted to learn about them before we go.

Schoolhouse Teachers

The Video Library has been very useful, too. There are over 450 videos from providers including, Drive Thru History, Vision Video, Discovery House, Boat Angel, City on a Hill, RightNow Media, and more. Why pay for a monthly streaming service when you can enjoy wholesome entertainment and educational content for free with your membership?

My other favorite place at is the focused learning center. Do you ever wish there was someplace you could go for specialized help in a particular subject? That’s exactly what the focused learning centers are.

You can use the focused learning centers for help in everything from math to geography. They also contain an entire preschool curriculum, help for special needs students, plus fun holiday resources to add seasonal cheer to your homeschool. There is also a section just for parents, with valuable parenting and homeschooling tips.

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Additional Benefits of

Your yearly membership to gets you more than just fantastic online classes!

Free, printable planner.  You can choose from multiple planners, including a preschool planner, a youth planner, and a homeschool planner for mom.

Unlimited online classes for the entire family. And there are hundreds of fantastic classes to choose from, including online classes for elementary, middle school courses, high school courses, and courses for parents! I don’t know that you could ever run out of options.

Supplemental homeschool curriculum. If you already have curriculum you love, is well-organized so it is easy to find resources to supplement what you’re currently using.

World Book. provides a subscription to numerous World Book libraries free of charge to our members.

Video Library. Over 450 videos from providers including, Drive Thru History, Vision Video, Discovery House, Boat Angel, City on a Hill, and RightNow Media.

Print issue of The Old Schoolhouse magazine. You’ll receive a print copy of The Old Schoolhouse magazine quarterly, with your year subscription. Digital back issues are available in the Resources for Members section.

Access to a members only Facebook group and online forum. Use your login information to join.

High School credit and transcript support. No more struggling to figure it all out yourself.

Excellent customer support. For whatever you need help with.


>>>Click here to check out right now! <<< has so much to offer, that I’ve barely scratched the surface. I can hardly wait to keep exploring and finding more gems to help me as I homeschool my children! They are pretty excited to keep exploring all the awesome online classes, too!

If you still have more questions about any of the online classes, be sure to click on the graphic below to read more reviews from other homeschool moms!
 Quality Online Homeschool Resources { Reviews}


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  1. Ginger turner says:

    How does the grading component work for high school core classes? Thanks for the help!

    1. Amy Saunders says:

      It’s actually different for each class. The individual teachers each decide for their own classes. However, your child won’t receive a report card with grades or anything like that. I make homeschool transcripts for my high schoolers and include the grades I give them for their classes. Of course, homeschools aren’t accredited, so universities use transcripts from homeschool applicants more to make sure certain requirements were fulfilled and then weight college entrance test scores more heavily. I hope that makes sense. Let me try to say it more clearly. SchoolhouseTeachers is not accredited and doesn’t provide transcripts or anything. You just use their classes to study a topic. Most of the their classes are asynchronous (not live) and you will check your child’s work and provide the grade. You can then include the class/grade on your homeschool transcript. Because the grade is given by mom, it will just carry less weight on a college application than one given by an accredited institution. Please feel free to ask questions if that doesn’t make sense. This is a good place to start if you have more questions about homeschooling high school.

  2. Hi Amy! Thank you for all your wonderful advice. I would like to know if you still recommend School House Teachers as a complement for our Homeschooling? Is it really worth it? I was checking their website and they are offering a two year membership for $179. That’s the best deal they have right now.
    Looking forward to hear from you.

    1. Amy Saunders says:

      That’s about the same price as when I initially purchased it, and I feel it’s very worthwhile for that price. They provide multiple classes for every subject under the sun — for all ages and grades. So it could likely provide the majority of your homeschool curriculum for your entire family. They also offer a bunch of extracurricular -type instruction, which my kids found enjoyable. Most, if not all, of the classes are taught from a Biblical worldview, though, and the majority of those are very blatant about it, so if you are a secular homeschooler or if you prefer secular curriculum, you would probably not appreciate much of the material.

      1. Thank you so much for your answer. I think I got lost when you say most of the classes are taught from a Biblical worldview but they are blatant about it? What does that mean?

        1. Amy Saunders says:

          What I mean is that in the elementary Spanish class, for example, you’ll be memorizing scriptures in Spanish. Many of the SchoolhouseTeachers classes are very heavily Christian. Not only are they taught from a Biblical perspective, but they include ideology, even in classes that might not typically contain it. I am Christian myself, so I don’t mind. But I feel like people who prefer a more secular curriculum might not appreciate it. I just wouldn’t want you to make a purchase and then be disappointed if it wasn’t what you had in mind.

          1. Oh. Thank you for your explanation. I’m catholic and probably I wouldn’t mind. Thank you again

          2. Hi again. I wanted to ask if, by any chance, do you know if there is a values (honesty, resillience, etc) programme/curriculum you can buy that can help you organize lessons and Teach the lessons for kids between 6 and 10 years old? Or somethign like a teachers manual? I really dont know how to call it. I hope I’d explained myself. Sorry if not. Thank you again

          3. Amy Saunders says:

            Yes! The Child Training Bible is a great one for helping kids to develop values and good character. Another on that is more of a workbook style is My Character Matters. Both are exactly the right age for your kiddos and great resources.

          4. Thank you so very much! Have a wonderful day

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