Orison Orchards Media Kit

Orison Orchards is the name of both the Saunders family homestead and their homeschool, where the most important crop is the children. So it seemed logical that the name of the blog documenting the journey also be Orison Orchards.

On Orison Orchards, Amy shares homeschooling inspiration, advice, and resources. Amy’s writing has been featured on a number of popular sites. 

Amy would like to give every mom the confidence to homeschool in the way that best suits her own family. She is committed to connecting other homeschoolers and building community.

Amy co-founded a K-12, statewide charter school for parents who want to educate their children at home with assistance. She is currently the secretary of the board of directors at the charter school. She has also co-founded a private school. 

Orison Orchards Media Kit

Would you like to collaborate with Orison Orchards?

Orison Orchards is the story of the Saunders family’s serendipitious journey through homeschooling. We have the ability to weave your product or brand into this story. When we choose to work with a brand, it is because we believe in it, use it already, or suspect we will love it. 

Orison Orchards is committed to serving our readers in a genuine way. We work with a limited number of brands each month and we are highly selective. We only endorse family-friendly resources that we have personal experience with and our articles reflect our honest opinion of the featured product.

Please contact Amy, amy@orisonorchards.com, for current rates and packages.