Math Games Bundle: Long Division


My all-time favorite subject to teach is math. But long division gives me nightmares! With all the steps, there is so much that can go wrong. And even if things go right, are you kiddos really learning the why behind each step of the algorithm? Are they understanding the concept, or just going through the procedure? The right tools, along with some fun, strategic games make all the difference!

This 100+ page bundle of games, teaching tips and color-coordinated templates (the colored boxes help your child know where each step goes and what step comes next) will change long division from a nightmare into a dream! Click on the description to learn more about each of the games included. These games will be delivered in separate pdf files to make them easier to navigate and use.

*You are purchasing printable files. No physical product will be shipped.



Long division is, hands-down, the most difficult math concept to teach, in my opinion, but these games and templates will make it much easier. The following products are included in this bundle of long division games:

  1. Long Division BINGO  
  2. Long Division Treasure Hunt
  3. Long Division Templates, Tips & Tricks
  4. Remainders Race         


If you were to purchase all of these products separately, you would pay over $15! This small bundle is a great deal!


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