Clip it! Flip it! Addition & Subtraction Cards

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This 8-page printable contains cards for the numbers one through ten, each with a whole bunch of addition and subtraction facts. This is a fun way to memorize all of those essential arithmetic facts without it seeming like drill!

All your child has to do is clip the facts that total the number on the card, then flip the card over to check his answers. All of the answers are marked with grey boxes, so your child will know immediately what he missed.

This set also comes in multiplication/division facts, as well as in a bundle with all the multiplication, division, addition and subtraction facts you could ever want.

Required Materials: You’ll need a package of clothespins and these here printables.


*You will receive a file to download and print. No physical product will be shipped.


1 review for Clip it! Flip it! Addition & Subtraction Cards

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    Very interesting.

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