Gifts for New Moms

Gifts for New Moms

There are two directions to go with gifts for new moms. You could buy her something practical and useful to ease the burden of new motherhood. Or you could go with an indulgent new mom gift that promotes rest, relaxation and self-care.

The gift that will ultimately be best for your favorite new mom depends on the person you’re buying for. What does she like? Does she tend to neglect herself in favor of baby? Does she have much help? Does she already have the things she needs?

My first baby arrived while the hubs and I were both still in college. We lived on income from his part-time internship, which paid about $700 a month. We could only buy minimal groceries after paying rent, so I had nothing for my baby. My grandma bought us a crib and made us some beautiful blankets, my mom bought us a stroller and I borrowed a few things from a generous cousin.

I greatly appreciated practical gifts!

After a couple of babies, my needs changed. Our financial situation had improved, and I had five children under the age of eight. The hubs traveled a ton for work, so I was pretty much alone and would have given my right arm for some self care!

You’ll have to decide what type of new mom you’re dealing with.Hopefully some of my favorite gift ideas for new moms, listed below, will inspire you so you can find the absolute perfect gift for your favorite new mom.

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21 Practical Gifts New Moms Will Actually Use 


Gifts for New Moms


The Ultimate Mom Backpack

Large capacity organizer with room for all of your baby paraphernalia, plus a washable diaper changing pad, stroller strap and insulated pockets – this bag is everything. And it’s pretty chic, too! Who says moms have to look frumpy? Spoil your favorite new mom with this perfect gift.



Gifts for New Moms: Coffee

Temperature Control Travel Mug

Caffeine addict? No more reheating coffee in the microwave! 90% of the time, a new mom can’t finish a cup of coffee without having to get up and attend to a child’s needs. This handy gadget — the perfect gift for new moms — is the epitome of luxury, and it can go wherever you have to be.



Freezer Meals Gifts for New Moms

Meal Service or Freezer Meals

Everything is kinda hard after having a baby. You’re sore all over and you barely get any sleep if you’re nursing, but you still have a million things to do. Meals can be the worst! You not only have to decide what to make, but then you have to actually make it. By the end of the day, baby is tired of being in the sling, and you’re just plain exhausted, and making dinner feels like the chore that will push you over the edge. If you don’t believe me, just ask your favorite new mom!

You can purchase a meal service to deliver meals to the new family, or you could make a bunch of frozen meals and fill up their freezer yourself. I actually prefer the freezer meals because then I can space them out and make them last longer. In fact, I always fill my own freezer with meals during the last trimester, on which I write the cooking directions so my kiddos can take care of dinner completely.

Seriously, this gift would make a new mom feel incredibly loved and cared for!



Gifts for New MomsRobot Vacuum

Outside of hiring her a personal maid, this is seriously one of the very best gifts you could get new moms! Just having a clean floor will make the other inevitable messes bearable. Trust me, you will want smart navigation and wifi connectivity on whatever model you choose, so she doesn’t have to worry about a thing!



Gifts for New Moms


Mama Bear Cap

You know the new mom stereotype — about how new moms go days without washing their hair? Embarrassingly, it’s true! Hey — it takes awhile to figure out how to navigate life with a little one who needs constant attention! New moms need a way to cover up unwashed hair and a cute baseball cap is the very easiest way.



Gifts for New MomsBaby Sling

Not only do baby slings free up a moms hands, carrying her baby against her chest aids in natural baby development. This position creates an intimate bond between mom and baby, and soothes even the most colicky babies. This style of sling (with the ring) is the easiest to use and most secure. Slings work especially well when the baby is past the newborn stage.



Gifts for New Moms


Spa Bath Box Set

More than anything else, new moms need a little pampering. A spa gift box like this with beauty products and a practical tumbler will feel indulgent, especially if it’s delivered by someone willing to take over baby duty for an hour or so so it can be used right away.



Gifts for New Moms


Massage Gun

If you can’t afford (in terms of time or funds) a weekly massage, this is the next best thing. I have this exact model and wow! It’s not quite as good as the feel of someone else’s hands on you, but it’s darn close. It’s lightweight and easy to use on myself, even in the hard to reach places. The percussive head does a fantastic job of working stress and kinks out your muscles. All new moms would be thrilled to receive this gift!



Gifts for New MomsNursing Pajamas

I never used to spend that much time in my pajamas before I had babies, but now I live in those suckers. I think pajamas are a pretty universal mom uniform because they’re comfy, no bra required, and it doesn’t really matter if they get spit up on or drooled all over or if noses get wiped on the hem. Yeah, gross. I know. I’m over it. Anyway, this is the reason that all moms everywhere always appreciate a nice pair of jammies. And new moms will seriously appreciate gifts of nursing pajamas!



Newborn Portrait Session

What treasured gifts this would be for all new moms! Portrait studios offer fun newborn sessions with lots of backgrounds and props. But I think you’d probably have a better experience with a photographer dedicated to newborn portraits. They have a lot of experience with newborns and know just how to handle and pose their sleepy, sweet little bodies.



Gifts for New MomsFunny Mom ToteI just had to include this one because I thought it was funny and so true! Because I assure you, you’ll never fit it all in your diaper bag, no matter how huge. A tote is always a practical gift for a new mom, bonus if it makes her laugh!



Amazon Prime or another streaming service

She’s in for long nights and lots of couch/recliner/rocker time. A great way to pass that time is with an Amazon Prime Membership! You can stream all kinds of video content, from documentaries to comedies and everything in between.



Stitch Fix for nursing mamas

No mom likes feeling frumpy. But if you make her choose between schlepping her toddler and infant through the store and changing diapers and nursing in dressing rooms, she’ll choose frumpy. It’s a matter of sanity! Stitch Fix offers both maternity clothes and nursing tops. They provide a personal stylist and deliver the clothes directly to your favorite mom. She’ll feel beautiful again in no time, without having to leave the house, and you get to be the hero!


Gifts for New MomsSoothing Nursing PillowsThe babies are absolutely worth the pain, but there are moments you’re not quite sure! Nursing hurts! Lansinoh cream helps to heal cracked, bleeding nipples, and these nursing pillows can be frozen or microwaved to provide pain relief as well as relieve clogged milk ducts or mastitis. New moms won’t need these all the time, but they make great gifts to have on hand for when you do!



Gifts for New Moms: Babycook ProBabycook Pro Boy, I wish this had been available when I had babies! Babycook Pro steams (to lock in vitamins and nutrients), blends and reheats baby food in just a few minutes. All this from a small, portable, countertop appliance! What a useful gift for new moms!



Gifts for New MomsBelly ButterPamper yourself with this fragrance-free lotion that softens and smooths stretch marks with a blend of naturally hydrating cocoa shea and jojoba butters. Nourish the skin on your belly, gently and safely, before and after pregnancy with this rich, moisturizing Burt’s Bees Belly Butter. What an indulgent gift for new moms!



Silicone Dishwasher Bag

This is one of those gifts for new moms that will get used daily! It will save small parts of bottles and pumps, plus baby paraphernalia like pacifiers from getting tossed around the dishwasher (or ending up in the drain or melted). You just place the items in the bag, fasten the snaps to whichever size or shape you need, and set it in the top rack of the dishwasher. It’s flexible design folds vertically and horizontally in order to accommodate anything you need to sanitize!


Gifts for New MomsWeleda Baby Lotion and Shampoo

The skin is our biggest organ, and it absorbs everything put onto it. So it stands to reason that we should use the very best, organic ingredients on both our own skin and our babies. This baby wash and lotion is full of nourishing ingredients, including calendula.



Gifts for New Moms: PumpManual PumpSmall and light, this double pump can go anywhere you can go — no electricity needed. It’s unique design captures all of the milk and is also incredibly comfortable. It’s small enough you can tuck it inside your top and almost forget that you are pumping!




I felt so crazy after I had my first! She was colicky and I couldn’t stand to hear her cry, so I’d walk the length of our tiny apartment with her, back and forth, back and forth — hoping that she wasn’t keeping our neighbors up at night. My baby cried constantly, so I didn’t even feel like I could take a shower. My sweet grandma would come over at least once a week, bring a big pot of soup and hold my baby while I took a shower. She would take me grocery shopping (I never had a car because we only had one and the hubs would take it to work) and always sneak a few treats that we could never afford into our grocery bags after we’d both checked out. Trust me. No expensive, material gift you can buy a new mom will mean as much to her as simple acts of service. 




Gifts for New MomsBirkenstock SandalsThe perfect marriage of Birkenstocks and Crocs, these rubber Birkis feel like walking on clouds. The best thing about them, though, is that you can slip them on and off without having to bend over or tie anything, which is practically impossible when you practice baby wearing. Also, they’re washable! For such comfortable, practical, slip-on shoes, they don’t look too bad either!



I hope these suggestions have given you a great idea for the perfect gifts for your favorite new moms! If you need more gift ideas, be sure to read:

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