Canned chicken stock and other canned soups are chock full of chemicals and toxic ingredients. It is really simple to make your own, much cheaper, and homemade stock is so full of nutrients that I’ve heard it called the ‘natural botox’ because it truly has healing properties. You just need to plan ahead a little, because it does take longer than opening a can. It’s worth every minute, though!


chicken1. Place a package of chicken (WITH BONES–any type) in a stock pot or crockpot. Cover the chicken with water, add 2 T. vinegar (it leaches essential minerals from the bones) and simmer for at least 4 hours. I simmer mine in my crockpot overnight, usually. You must use the bones, because that is where the flavor and the gelatin and minerals that make stock so nutritious come from. Watch the water level and add water when necessary to keep the chicken and bones completely covered.

2. Once the chicken and bones have simmered for at least 4 hours, remove the chicken from the pot, retaining the broth. 

3. Dice 1onion, mince 4 cloves garlic and sautee onions and garlic in 4 T. butter. Add to broth.

4. Dice carrots and celery, add to broth.

5. Remove the cooked chicken from the bones and dice. Add chicken to broth and discard bones.

6. Add salt and pepper to taste, plus one T. parsley

7. Simmer until carrots and celery are soft, about 40 minutes, then add 1 16 oz package wide-egg-noodles, or whatever pasta you have on hand.


Cost breakdown:

4 lb package chicken legs and thighs: $4.80
1 onion: $0.33
1 lb carrots: $0.59
1 head celery: $1.29
1 16 oz package pasta: $0.99
spices: less than $0.50
serves 16 (large portions, not the 1/2 c. suggested serving size)

less than $0.54 per serving



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