Want to raise successful adults? Give your children chores

Experts agree that children who complete chores become the most successful adults. And it’s wise to start teaching children to help around the house while young.

Kids are so much more capable than we adults think. They can do a lot of chores at an early age. Many experts suggest starting children as young as age 2 with chores. I’ve found that to be a perfect time to start as well. My 2-year-olds actually want to grab a broom and help me sweep up after dinner.

Take those opportunities to let kids help. By the time they’re older and really able to do chores competently, they’ve lost interest. Capitalize on the willingness while you can!

It is important to demonstrate the chore over and over, working alongside your child, and not insist on perfection right away. Children take pride in doing chores, and the tasks instill a sense of responsibility along with confidence that can serve them well throughout life. You should also give your child chores that appropriate to his age and skill level.

Of course, the chart below is merely a general guideline. The physical, mental, and emotional development of a child all make a difference. So be prepared to adapt the list to your individual child and situation.

Embrace your child’s natural tendency to turn everything into play. After all, you want to encourage your children to like doing chores. The more kids enjoy doing chores when young, the better the chance they will cooperate when older.

We tend to hold off too long, worrying that our child may not be ready. But your child will only learn by doing, so get started!

The helpful chart below can help you find age-appropriate chores for your kids.

Age Appropriate Chores for Kids


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